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The United International Business Schools organization is an independent private business school offering non-regulated higher education. The study programs offered by the organization are career-oriented in nature. Successful completion of certain study programs will result in the awarding of an international private degree by the organization’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, based on the recommendation of the faculty of the local campuses. Private degrees may, in certain countries, only provide limited or restricted access to government employment and regulated professions. The use of academic titles, conferred by private degrees, may, in certain countries, also be limited or restricted. The local campuses of the organization remain unregistered with and operate independently from the relevant local governmental department of education. Exceptions on the previous may exist.

The United International Business Schools organization does not receive subsidies from the government to finance its operations. Students from certain countries may not be eligible for governmental financial support while studying abroad with the organization. Students who would otherwise be eligible for such financial support should contact the admissions department for further information about the availability of scholarships offered by the organization's academic council and the availability of student loans offered by local banks. Program fees are subject to an annual review and consist of matriculation fees for matriculation services offered by the organization’s headquarters, and tuition fees for tuition services offered at the local campus.

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